Couples Work

“Some of the things we most value in our selves are accessible to us only through those we love.” Polly Young-Eisendrath

A committed relationship can be a deeply rewarding experience. But a relationship is also a work-in-process. It requires attention, and a safe atmosphere for learning and change. Couples often come to therapy when they’re stuck in a rut— when communication is blocked, trust has eroded, or when relationship roles feel uncomfortable and confining. With training in the empirically-validated Gottman Method, my work is emotion-focused, engaged, and interactive. Safety and openness are paramount. I help couples find new, productive ways to communicate vulnerable thoughts and feelings, resolve conflicts, expand or dissolve constricting relationship roles, and renew intimacy. My goal is to help couples learn, listen and be listened to, making the most of what each partner has to offer. Being in a relationship is like any other creative endeavor in life—progress requires practice.