Depth Work

Working “in depth” refers not to the length of the therapy, but to the qualitative experience. Whether you’re seeking therapy because something inside hurts and demands healing; because you’re suffering from depression, grief, anxiety or an addiction; if you’re searching for your voice in the world; or want to improve your satisfaction in your work-life, love-life, or life in general—depth therapy can help you get to the core of the issue, and to the well-spring of your potential.

Depth work is not an insta-cure or band-aide treatment; it requires a degree of commitment. It’s an investment in your personal growth. With the help of depth therapy, it’s possible to make enduring changes in your life. The therapy process centers on building emotional capacity. It will help you to not only tolerate what hurts, but to move toward positive, expansive experiences in life: joys, pleasures, challenges, and satisfactions.  It’s a learning process that helps you make contact with your truest self, the self that has been there all along, waiting for you.

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