Performance-Focused Work

Success is not the goal, it is the result.

If you’re looking to build confidence, or change self-defeating patterns; if you’re feeling lost or blocked in the vastness of a creative process; if you’re an athlete looking to hone your mental game; if you need help executing your dream-plan, performing under pressure, or establishing a daily structure for your work— if you’re struggling on your way to a goal, performance-focused therapy could help.

Over the years, I’ve worked with professional athletes (especially tennis players), artists and musicians, graduate students in the throes of dissertation work, and men and women in career transitions. This type of inner-work can be applied to almost any of life’s ambitions. Performance-focused therapy is sometimes, but not always, shorter-term work. During a consultation period, we’ll discuss your goals, explore what’s blocking your way, and then set up an individualized plan to help you move toward what you want in life.  Email to schedule your complimentary phone consultation today.